Bird Deterrent Specialists (previously known as Bird Control Services – Western Cape) is your defence against Pest Bird Infestation.

Previously known as Bird Control Services – Western Cape, with over our 21 Years of experience in the industry, we have gained a great deal of experience in dealing with the problems associated with unwanted Bird activity around your business premises or at home. The constant cleaning of, as well as the potential health risks caused by the presence of Bird droppings is becoming increasingly common as Bird populations rise exponentially.


Bird Deterrent Specialists is dedicated to the cleaning and removal of Bird Infestation and Contamination.



Our products are locally manufactured and are being used around the country by franchised companies.


Not all Bird species are problematic, but those on which we focus are generally accepted as being nuisances.


“To be the most dedicated and innovative specialists in the harmless removal of pest Bird contamination in South Africa for any structure or building. By providing experienced, efficient and professional solutions, services and guaranteed customer satisfaction to clients, we strive to be your defence against Bird infestation.”

We offer HARMLESS solutions for the deterring of Pest Birds from any structure/building type, including:

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DID YOU KNOWBird Deterrent Specialists now offers a FINANCE OPTION to Companies & Organisations (in partnership with SASFIN)! Please contact us to find out more!