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How do I get rid of my pest bird infestation problem? Feathers, it’s as simple as this!

Step 1: Go On, Give Us A Call

Should you require our services please contact us through either one of the following means:

(a) Our website There is an inquiry form available on the website. All you need to do is complete and submit it. A member of our team will contact you shortly after to arrange a site visit.

(b) Email: Send us an email on [email protected], giving us as much information as possible about your pest bird infestation problem, as well as your contact details. We will be in touch with you soon after to arrange a site visit.

(c) Telephone: Should you prefer a friendly conversation, let your fingers do the dialing on +27 21 797 7788.

Step 2: Let’s Have A Look

Once you have made contact with Bird Deterrent Specialists, a member of our team will come through to your pest bird infested premises and conduct a bird proofing survey, *free of charge. Just when you thought there was no such thing as a free lunch!

We at Bird Deterrent Specialists understand that each situation is unique. Our team of experts are able to analyse and deliver the correct solution based on your specific requirements. Our products are also customized to suit your specific needs.

Step 3: You’ve Got Mail

Following our site visit, your analysis and quotation will be sent through to you. This includes a detailed proposal based on our findings and will highlight treatment areas and product selection.

Our products are guaranteed and we are known to be the best in our flock of trade. We identify the cause and work not only to provide a solution to your current situation, but to prevent further pest bird infestation from occurring.

Should you require more information and/or an explanation of the quotation, a member of our team will gladly meet you on site and run through the quotation with you.

Step 4: Access Granted

Once you have accepted our quotation, please be sure to complete the acceptance form included. This needs to be signed and sent back to us. This form will ensure that we are made aware of any specific requirements prior to work being carried out at your premises; for example: “You may not drill within office hours”, or “We require a Health and Safety file with specific documentation”.

Step 5: Save the Date

Upon acceptance of the quotation, we will arrange a suitable date and time at which our team are available to complete the bird proofing installation required.

Step 6: Solution Execution

We have a dedicated team, with 16 years of experience. Let our highly skilled team take you under their wing! Dressed in their dashing Bird Deterrent Specialists uniforms, they will arrive on site with all the necessary equipment and products, so that you can sit back and relax with a cup of tea while we efficiently and effectively solve your pest bird infestation problems.

Step 7: All Boxes Are Ticked

Once completed our Operations Manager, Glynn Rossouw, will walk you through the completed installation. Glynn will ensure that the installation has been completed according to the quotation agreed upon and that the products have been correctly installed. You will need to sign a form to verify this has been done to your satisfaction.

Step 8: Our Friend, Bill

Once the job has been completed, an invoice will be sent through to you. Please be so kind as to settle the amount indicated as soon as you are able.

We also offer credit card facilities for your convenience. Bird Deterrent Specialists have now partnered with ABSA and can take Master Card or Visa payments on site directly after the installation has been completed.

Step 9: Thumbs Up, You’re Pest Bird Free

Our products are locally manufactured to the highest standards and are being used country wide. Invis-Net is guaranteed for 3 years, and Vamoose Gel, Wire Trip, Repel-A-Bird Spike and Bird Comb for 2 years. Being the dedicated and innovative specialists we are, Bird Deterrent Specialists provide experienced, efficient, and professional solutions. We are the number one defence against pest bird infestation!

Never more than a short call away, Bird Deterrent Specialists is always available to assist should you experience any problems or need our assistance.

Step 10: Give Us Your Feedback

Please be so kind as to fill in our survey which will be sent to you after the installation at your premises has been completed. Client feedback is invaluable to us as we continually strive to maintain the highest quality of service.


Do you have a pest bird infestation problem? Get in touch: +27 21 797 7788 | [email protected] |