Bird Control That Demonstrates Innovation

One of the key qualities to have as a bird control specialist is the ability to adapt to the situation at hand.

Pest bird problems develop in a variety of different places on buildings. No two bird control problems are the same.

Before you place your foot on the premises for that first site visit, you have no idea what bird infestation issues await you. 

As bird control specialists at the forefront of our industry, we aim to bring every client effective relief from the contamination issues they face due to bird infestation. But, sometimes the problem is not as straightforward as one would hope. In these instances, our team knows how to bring their design expertise to the fore to develop innovative solutions that get the job done.

A New Development in Need of Bird Control Solutions

Bird Control Solutions - Bird Netting
Child Proof Net For Bird Control With Custom Frames

A recent project on the Waterfront is one such example. Our team was faced with some unconventional architectural features on a new development. 

Although the building was new, birds had already taken residence at certain points of the property. As a result of the unusual design, our team had to adapt their approach to ensure that the structure was sufficiently bird proofed.

Two primary areas required our innovative skills and each of these areas would need a different solution to adequately solve the pest bird problems faced.

As part of the developer’s energy-efficiency objectives, raised octagonal lightwells had been incorporated onto the roof of the building.

These lightwells allow a great deal of natural light into the building, aimed at encouraging occupants to use less electrical power for lighting during daylight hours, reducing the impact on the environment.

However, being lightwells built to draw in natural light, these octagonal structures each comprise a glass façade and top. The problem being that pest birds that had inhabited certain areas on the roof were soiling this glass with their droppings, which was extremely unattractive and off-putting for occupants inside the building.  

The octagonal structures also consist of automatic ventilation windows that open and close depending upon the ambient temperature inside the building. This allows for the regulation of the interior temperature in the most natural manner possible.

It also, unfortunately, allows for the easy coming and going of pest birds when the ventilation windows are open. Both areas of the structure required more inventive solutions than the standard tools of the trade, but our creative tea, as always, was up to the task.

Octagonal Lightwells – Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent

Bird Control Solutions - Bird Deterrent Wire
Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent System With Custom Brackets

Our experts quickly noted that the birds on-site were primarily perching on the top perimeter edges of these octagonal lightwells. While there were some droppings on top of the lightwells, most of the droppings were seen along the top perimeter and sides of their structures.

It was determined that our Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent would be the best solution for this area. This bird wire deterrent offers a non-intrusive solution while maintaining the integrity of the design.

Our Wire Trip deterrent system incorporates 0.3mm monofilament stainless steel wires suspended above the affected surface. With the standard system, these bird deterrent wires are supported by a tensioned system of springs and posts, all made of 316-grade stainless steel.

It was important for us to ensure that the outer edge of each lightwell was sufficiently protected. However, because there is only a thin aluminium frame around the glass on which to secure the Wire Trip system, our team had to design a custom bracket for the Wire Trip system.

Our specialists designed and installed a bracket made of high-grade steel, which is powder-coated to match the colour of the frame. This system boasts two durable double-strand systems running parallel to each other.

The bracket allows for the systems to be attached securely at a single point on the frame, and stretched back, away from the edge, to protect the first 100mm of glass along the outer edge of the lightwell.

Automatic Ventilation Windows – Child Proof Net for Bird Control

Bird Control Solutions - Bird Netting
Child Proof Net For Bird Control With Custom Frames

To prevent the birds from entering the building through the automatic ventilation windows when open, we had to find a way to block off the opening. It was important, however, to bear in mind that whatever we installed should not interfere with the mechanism that opens and closes the windows.

The best option in instances such as these is usually a bird netting solution. Both our SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting and Child Proof Net bird control solutions make perfect physical barriers to pest bird activity.

That said, our highly skilled team had to consider the fact that these were lightwells design to bring as much natural light into the building as possible. This meant that we needed to install a barrier that did not compromise the intensity of the light entering the building.

Another consideration was the fact that, because the windows opened outward, the barrier had to be installed on the inside of the opening. Therefore, the team had to ensure that the support structure complemented the frame and did not diminish its integrity in any way.

To achieve optimum results our specialists installed our Child Proof Net for Bird Control solution, coupled with a custom-made frame to support the net. This frame was also powder-coated to match the frame of the lightwell.

Child Proof net was chosen because it is made up of translucent diamond polyethylene, which renders the net almost invisible when installed.

Our custom-made frame ensures that the netting is sufficiently supported and tensioned for the best possible long-term results.

Bird Control Solutions That Last

As a result of the bird control solution deployed at this new development, occupants can enjoy the benefits of working in a well-lit, sufficiently ventilated, and sustainable environment. 

Management and tenants alike no longer need to worry about possibly pest bird activity in the building, nor do they have to deal with the eyesore of pest bird droppings on the lightwell glass.

Whatever the pest bird problem at hand, our experienced team do their utmost to find a solution that is effective and durable, long-term.

We place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that our solutions not only resolve your issues but look good too. This approach is what makes Bird Deterrent Specialists the leading bird proofing company in the Western Cape.