About Bird Deterrent Services

Previously known as Bird Control Services – Western Cape, with over our 19 Years of experience in the industry, we have gained a great deal of experience in dealing with the problems associated with unwanted Bird activity around your business premises or at home. The constant cleaning of, as well as the potential health risks caused by the presence of Bird droppings is becoming increasingly common as Bird populations rise exponentially.

We all love nature and would never want to cause harm to these beautiful creatures, even though they sometimes create an immense nuisance and disruption to our lives. For this reason, we have established a range of products aimed at deterring Birds from areas where their presence is undesirable, without causing them any harm.

Bird Deterrent Specialists understands the problems associated with Bird Contamination and can offer you a guaranteed solution to your particular Bird Infestation problem. If your building/structure is affected by the presence of Pest Birds, Bird Deterrent Specialists has the solution.

If your building is affected by the presence of Pest Birds, WE have the solution.

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Whilst we all enjoy the wonder of Birds in nature, property owners unfortunate enough to be experiencing Bird Infestation know the problems that Birds can cause:

  • The continual defacing of building facades, floors, ledges and pipework by our fine feathered friends soon renders the appearance of any building unsightly. Bird droppings are so corrosive that they can work their way through fresh paint in a matter of weeks.

  • The constant contamination is a serious health hazard. Over 60 Viruses including Salmonella and Legionella Pneumophilla are associated with Bird droppings.
  • Lice are also a problem to people working in the vicinity of Bird infestation.
  • Bird droppings contribute to aggravate Chronic Bronchial complaints, and persons with depressed immune systems are particularly susceptible.
  • Bird infestation causes considerable damage to stock, plant and equipment resulting in costly and constant cleaning, the loss of production time and customer complaints.

DID YOU KNOWBird Deterrent Specialists now offers a FINANCE OPTION to Companies & Organisations (in partnership with SASFIN)! Please contact us to find out more!