Our products are locally manufactured to the highest standards, and are being used around the country by recognised companies in the other provinces.

Over the years we have seen many different problems, and we have discovered that it is very rare for there to be one perfect solution. We often find that the best results are achieved by implementing a solution that combines more than one product type so that one supplements the other. We are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative solutions for your Bird Infestation problems and, as a result, have designed and created our very own product solutions such as the Wire Trip and Bird Comb products.

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Affected by the presence of Pest Birds? These products are the solution!

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BDS SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting

SheerStop Net has been specifically designed for the exclusion of Birds from areas such as building wells, open roof structures, wide ledges, balconies, courtyards, overhangs, window reveals, canopies, air vents and roof cowls, loading docks and hollow block facades. Once in place SheerStop Net becomes “Invisible” to the eye and will not compromise the aesthetics of the building.


Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel

Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel is applied to clean, dry surfaces. Being sticky, we then cover it with a specialised Vamoose Sealer, which prevents dust and dirt from being absorbed into the gel.  It will take approximately 3 days for the Birds to vacate the area. They will also remember to stay away, as the treated areas are now associated with danger. Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel therefore changes roosting habits.

BDS Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent

This consists of a series of very thin self-tensioning stainless steel monofilament strands, supported on stainless steel posts or brackets, which can be fixed to the surface by various means. Any holes made are properly sealed to prevent the ingress of water. Several of these strands can be run in rows parallel to each other, dependent upon the width of the surface to be treated. The tension is introduced by means of specially manufactured stainless steel springs in order to maintain elasticity and reduce the risk of breakage of the strand.

Should a stainless steel balustrade require the Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent solution, we have stainless steel clamps available to allow for installation of the system, so as not to damage the balustrade. The materials used make this product maintenance free and generally corrosion resistant. Close proximity to the sea may, however, require epoxy coating for additional protection.

Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent is guaranteed for Two (2) Years.


REPEL-A-BIRDTM Stainless Steel Bird Deterrent Spike

REPEL-A-BIRDTM is essentially a one (1) metre long strip of stainless steel punched and shaped to provide malleable spikes. The strip can be powder-coated to a variety of colours, so that it blends acceptably with the background. It is manufactured with holes at intervals permitting installation using nail-in anchors or similar.

This is particularly helpful if the rope access technicians need to move them out of the way, although the malleable nature and adjustable spread may obviate this as they can be adjusted so that they will not protrude from the ledges. Epoxy coating is an option, in order to further safe-guard against possible corrosion.

We also offer a Polycarbonate Spike in a variety of colours, which is ideal for installation indoors or in shaded areas where it is not exposed to constant direct sunlight. With a choice of colours to suit surroundings, this Polycarbonate Spike provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for interior & shaded spaces. The product is manufactured using UV Stabilised Polycarbonate and comes in 333.33mm lengths. Installation would be similar to that of the REPEL-A-BIRDTM Stainless Steel Spike.

Both REPEL-A-BIRDTM Stainless Steel Bird Deterrent Spike & Polycarbonate Bird Deterrent Spike are guaranteed for Two (2) Years.


BDS Bird Comb

This plastic profile, 300mm in length and approximately 100 mm high, is shaped like a hair comb with flexible plastic projections. When attached to the fascia board and fitted underneath roof sheets or tiles with a curve profile, the fingers bend to take the shape thereby creating an impenetrable barrier to entry.

The Bird Comb is available in clear, white, brown or black, and is protected against exposure to UV light.

Bird Comb is guaranteed for Two (2) Years.


BDS Bird Barriers

Our range of Bird Barriers are the perfect solution when protecting your gutters and/or internal roof space from possible pest bird activity. Our Bird Barrier Mesh and Perforated products are installed in such a manner that they are secured to the outer lip of the gutter, providing a physical barrier to the gutter itself, and can be fixed on the opposite edge in order to block access via openings under the roof tiles or sheeting to the internal roof space, both of which pest birds make use of for nesting and roosting.

The added benefit is that, when one of our Bird Barrier Mesh or Perforated products are installed, it will also protect the gutter from a build-up of leaves and debris, which will reduce overall maintenance costs.

The Bottle Brush Bird Barrier, on the other hand, is strategically secured within the gutter and/or tile openings, in order to deter pest birds from roosting or nesting in the gutter and/or in the roof space.

Our Bird Barrier products are guaranteed for a period of two (2) years.


Child Proof Nets – for Pest Bird Control

Child Proof Nets were originally designed and developed with the aim of preventing domestic accidents. However, they have proven to be very effective as an aesthetically pleasing pest bird deterrent, providing a physical barrier to pest bird activity where installed.

This netting is made up of monofilament nylon and offers an almost “invisible” bird proofing solution that won’t negatively affect the light levels of interior spaces, will not obstruct the view when looking out from behind the netting, and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Child Proof Nets will not rust or corrode and requires no further maintenance after installation.


If your building is affected by the presence of Pest Birds, WE have the solution.

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All guarantees mentioned above cover faulty materials and/or workmanship only. Bird Deterrent Specialists will not be held liable for any form of damage to a product/installation caused by any third party.

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