Bird Mites: The FactsBird Mites 1

Bird Mites are present in a variety of species across the globe, but are essentially tiny, almost microscopic, eight-legged parasites that feed on the blood of common birds, and are capable of rapid mass production.

Carried by birds, and dwelling in great numbers within the nests of these birds, Bird Mites become a problem to humans when Pest Birds are roosting and/or nesting in close proximity to where we live or work. They pose a threat to us following the entry of these Pest Birds into our homes, factories, offices and any other buildings.

Pest Birds often gain access to a building’s interior through spaces under roof tiles, gaps next to gutters, openings present for ventilation, and other unprotected areas. The Bird Mites feed on the nestlings and the adult birds, as well as any suitable material with which the birds have created their nest. There may be tens of thousands of mites occupying a single nest.

Following the absence of birds from their nests the Bird Mites go in search of a new meal ticket. They will bite any human they come into contact with. Once bitten, their saliva causes severe irritation, itching, and rashes.

Bird Mites 3

Whilst Bird Mites are not able to survive on human blood alone, the ease of access and resultant continuous presence of Pest Birds in buildings will lead to an ongoing Bird Mite infestation.

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