Bird Proofing of New Mixed-Use Development in the CBD

We were recently afforded the opportunity to carry out a large-scale Bird Proofing installation for a prominent construction company at a high-rise Mixed-Use Development currently under construction in the Cape Town CBD.

Bird Proofing
Building Facade Under Construction – Cape Town, CBD

We were first contacted by the Architects almost 2 years ago, during the design phase of this project. As our management team are very comfortable with, and know their way around, working drawings, we were able to easily provide an estimate for inclusion within the budget at this early stage of the project process.

Our mandate was to provide a harmless, long-lasting solution to close of various openings present on the façade of the building to pest bird entry and to prevent birds from roosting on the ledges present at these points. These openings and ledges existed on all 4 elevations of the first 9 levels of the building.

SheerStop Net
SheerStop Net Installed Behind Aluminium Slats

Next to efficacy, aesthetics was of the utmost importance to the Client. We, therefore, had to propose a solution that would not in any way deter from the magnificent form and design that the Architects had created.

Our proposed solution included the installation of our SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting to close off the openings and our Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent to protect the ledges from pest bird activity.

Bird Proofing
SheerStop Net Installed to Close Off Openings Between Slats

As our SheerStop Net comprises 8mm x 8mm aperture openings and, thus, let’s through 90% of natural light, it is the perfect solution for providing a physical barrier to pest bird entry while being almost invisible once installed.

The Wire Trip solution is made up of 0,3mm monofilament stainless steel wire and is impossible to see from the ground when installed. It sits only 50mm above the ledge, supported by thin stainless steel posts. The wire, therefore, runs parallel to the ledge just above the surface, complimenting the lines of the building.

SheerStop Net
Openings Enclosed With SheerStop Net & Ledges Protected With Wire Trip

Working closely with the Architects, Quantity Surveyor and Construction Manager, our team were able to execute the installation of the bird proofing solution in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

One of the reasons it is possible for our team to carry out an installation such as this, is because our team members are Rope Access qualified, have the appropriate Health & Safety training and experience, and are familiar with the requirements of working on a construction site.

Bird Proofing
Openings Closed Off Using SheerStop Net

If you are in the process of planning a new development and would like to ensure that preventative measures are in place for any possible pest bird infestation, our team are available to consult with you and provide you with a quotation as early as the conceptual phase of the design process.

Bear in mind that we are experienced at working with architectural drawings and providing solutions that do not detract from the aesthetics of the building.