Histoplasmosis: What You Need To Know.

What is Histoplasmosis? Histoplasmosis is a rather fancy word for a respiratory disease caused by a fungal infection. A potentially fatal disease, that usual results due to the presence of Bird Droppings.

Malodorous, rancid, unsightly – Bird Droppings are never pleasant. Besides their offensive aroma, and the constant buzzing of flies, these Droppings are capable of causing serious disease.

Histoplasmosis 4a

Fungal Spores are microscopic particles that feed on a buffet of unsavoury substances, Bird Droppings being a favourite. The mere presence of Bird Droppings hosting Fungal Spores in close proximity to humans can lead to inhalation of these Spores, which will result in Histoplasmosis in the body. Soil contaminated by Bird Droppings can also transmit Histoplasmosis.

Histoplasmosis 2a

This disease could occur in the healthiest of humans. With symptoms such as fever, coughing, headaches, sores, and rashes, it mimics a flu-like illness. In some cases, the disease may spread throughout the body causing irritation and inflammation in the chest, brain and spinal cord. Blood tests, urine tests, and cultures may be required to diagnose Histoplasmosis.

One is at risk if simply exposed to these Fungal Spores when airborne. Therefore, the elimination of Bird Droppings from both the home and workplace are of vital importance in order to prevent any potential health problems. Infants and those with a compromised immune system face the greatest risk of serious infection.

Histoplasmosis 1a

Great care needs to be taken when removing these Bird Droppings, as the Spores could easily become airborne when disturbed, which increases the risk of inhalation. Our team of experts are extremely careful and experienced when it comes to removing and cleaning Pest Bird Droppings from buildings, ensuring a clean surface and a healthier environment.

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