SheerStop Net: Now Available for DIY

We are happy to announce that SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting, one of the first and most reliable products to have been added to our product portfolio some 18 Years ago, has officially been added to our Online Store.

If you haven’t visited our Online Store, filled with some of the best products in our artillery, then you are missing out. We have everything from Stainless Steel Bird Spikes to Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent, as well as a range of Bird Barrier Exclusion Products, to name a few.

SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting plays an essential role in our Bird Proofing approach, as it is, possibly, the most effective solution to pest bird activity, because it provides a physical barrier to entry.

SheerStop Net

Selling via our Online Store in Kit form at the bargain price of only R79 per metre (ex VAT & Shipping), which is almost 30% cheaper than the current market price for this type of product, SheerStop Net comes in a standard width of four metres (4m) and can be conveniently delivered to any location in South Africa.

Made of Raschell Knitted high density Polyethylene, SheerStop net does not conduct heat or pose any fire hazard. The netting is, therefore, also corrosion resistant, and requires little to no maintenance once installed, if installed correctly.

In addition, our SheerStop Net comprises the perfect net-to-aperture ratio ensuring that it lets through 90% of natural light, thus not affecting light levels where installed.

SheerStop Net

Not only do we offer the opportunity to purchase our SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting in the specified Kit sizes, as per the Online Store – We also offer our clients the opportunity to place custom orders by phone or email.

For the more elaborate projects, we are able to provide clients with the added service of making up netting panels to their specific dimensions, as well as applying a nylon reinforcement webbing to the perimeter of these panels, for added strength. This added service, however, will be subject to additional costs.

The net can be employed for the exclusion of Birds from areas such as building wells, open roof structures, wide ledges, balconies, courtyards, overhangs, window reveals, canopies, air vents and roof cowls, loading docks and hollow block facades.

SheerStop Net

Delivering a robust, effective, and long-lasting solution, SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting is the answer to your pest bird woes.

To purchase SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting in Kit form, via our Online Store, please CLICK HERE.

Alternatively, make contact with us for custom lengths and sizes on +27 21 797 7788 or [email protected].