Lockdown: Maintaining A Safe Environment

Whether you are stuck at home or working to provide essential services to the public during this lockdown period, but are however without the luxury of having your favourite Bird Proofing company (that would be us 😊) to visit and rid your premises of any pest bird infestation, there are certain measures one can take in the interim to ensure that your immediate environment remains as safe and disease-free as possible.

Therefore, although our skilled team of installers are currently unable to provide you with the solutions you need to keep those pesky birds at bay, we can provide you with some advice and step-by-step instructions on how to keep any affected areas clean until the lockdown period has been lifted and our team are able to properly attend to your problem.

Some important points to note

  • It is essential that any such affected areas are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Therefore, any bird droppings, remnants of nests, and debris present must be carefully removed, and the area cleaned and disinfected with a good quality disinfectant.
  • If you require a ladder to reach the affected area, please ensure that the ladder is securely set up and stable. If possible, ask someone to hold the ladder for you.
  • Please note that, If there are nests with birds, chicks and/or eggs present, we advise that you wait until the eggs have hatched and the young have left the nest, before continuing with cleaning. If you touch the nest, eggs or young, or relocate them, there is a good chance that the adult birds will reject their young, and the young will perish as a result.
  • However, if there are no birds or eggs present, and only empty nests remain, you can remove the empty nests and throw them away.
  • When dealing with nesting debris in a roof/ceiling space, we recommend that you make use of a Doom Fogger in the roof space in order to prevent the spread of Bird Lice/Mites from the empty nests.  Once you have completed the fogging process, you can remove the empty nests and throw them away.
  • It is important to note that some birds, such as the Seagull, are a protected species. As such, you will be required to apply for a permit to remove nests, as well as guidance from the organisation supplying the permits, in terms of dealing with eggs and young.

Cleaning Areas Affected By Pest Birds

You will require:

  • A Good Disinfectant Product
  • Warm Water in a Bucket
  • Cold Water in a Spray Bottle
  • Plastic or Rubber Handheld Scraper (or the like)
  • Large Sponge/Brush (dependent on the extent of debris present)
  • Protective Mask
  • Latex Gloves
  • Heavy-Duty Refuse Bags

Cleaning & Disinfecting:

  1. Place the protective mask over your nose & mouth to protect yourself against infection. (For your safety, please keep the mask on for the entire duration of the cleaning process).
  2. Put the latex gloves on. (For your safety, please keep the gloves on for the entire duration of the cleaning process).
  3. Ensure that your heavy-duty refuse bags are ready and are doubled-up (one bag inside another) for increased protection against infection.
  4. Saturate the affected area with cold water using your spray bottle. (Bird droppings in particular should be wet, so as to prevent the inhalation of microspores released into the air when dry droppings are disturbed)
  5. Use the handheld scraper to gently lift bird droppings and other debris from the surface of the affected area and into your doubled-up refuse bags.
  6. Once all excess debris has been removed, ensure that the refuse bags are closed tightly, with no openings present.
  7. Dispose of the full refuse bags in a responsible manner (taking them to your nearest official landfill/dumping site is optimal if at all possible).
  8. Using the sponge or brush, warm water, and disinfectant, wash the affected area until clean (please ensure that you read the instructions for the disinfectant properly, and use it correctly).
  9. After the area thoroughly cleaned, allow the area to dry.
  10. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Now more than ever, it is of the utmost importance that we remove any possible threat to our health and the health of our family, customers and staff. The above steps will go a long way to helping you achieve this.


For further assistance, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us via email at [email protected]. Our Administrative and Management Team Members are all working from home and will attend to your query in good time. Therefore, as soon as the lockdown period has been lifted, we will be able to send our Representatives out to carry out quotations and our Installation Team will commence with Bird Proofing Installations.