Product Maintenance

As most are aware we, Bird Deterrent Specialists, provide effective solutions to those experiencing Pest Bird infestation and contamination on their premises, through the installation of various bird deterrent products. Every Pest Bird problem is different, there are no two alike, and establishing which products are to be utilised is always determined by the nature of the premises and the problem itself.

We have a range of product solutions, most of which can be adapted to the situation at hand. We also, regularly, develop unique solutions when faced with unusual circumstances. Our talent for innovation is just one of the reasons we believe we are the best in our field.

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One of the ways in which we add value to our service offering, as that our products are Guaranteed. This means that, after installation, should you experience a defect in the product or the quality of the installation, we will return to assess the installation, and will make adjustments accordingly. (Please refer to our Products page HERE for details on our product Guarantees.)

Our team of specialists conduct a thorough quality check on each product installed, as well as each completed installation as a whole, in order to ensure that the highest possible standards are met, and that the solution applied will maintain optimal effectiveness for as long as possible.

That said, nothing lasts for ever and, although our products usually remain effective years beyond the Guarantee period has ended, the reality is that maintenance of some kind will likely need to be carried out at some point in order to sustain the integrity of the solution and keep those Pest Birds permanently at bay.

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As an example, a product such as the Vamoose Bird Repellent Gel, for instance, being a fluid-like substance, may require re-application after a few years to maintain 100% effectiveness.

Therefore, after our specialist team has completed their installation, and the client is happy with it, it is important for the client to take note of the Guarantee period pertinent to the product(s) installed. Although we do our utmost to check in with our clients from time to time, we often rely on them to let us know whether the solution is effective, long-term.

We will also make contact with clients after the Guarantee period for the product installed has come to an end, to ensure that the products we have installed are still doing the job, and that the client is not experiencing any unwanted Pest Bird activity within the treated areas.

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On the rare occasion that a problem is experienced, we ask that our clients please let us know as soon as possible, as this will assist us in dealing with any issues timeously, maintaining the integrity of the installation. Any damages to an installation, however minor, may provide an opportunity for a Pest Bird or two to take up residence at your Warehouse, Workshop, Office or Home.

We have your Pest Bird deterrent needs covered. All quotations done within a 40km radius of the Cape Town CBD are FREE of charge. Go ahead, give us a call: +27 21 797 7788 / [email protected]