Mayfair Square

One of South Africa’s leading property development companies, Rabie Property Group, have been responsible for the construction of a large number of ground-breaking developments in the Western Cape Region of late. One such project is the commercial development known as Mayfair Square, boasting six office buildings, and situated in Century City.

Mayfair Square

Having completed a successful bird proofing installation at the residential Mayfair apartment complex last year, Bird Deterrent Specialists were entrusted with the task of providing an effective bird proofing solution for the impressive six block Mayfair Square commercial development.

Upon conducting our site inspection, we noted various areas at risk of bird infestation, such as the roof parapets at various levels on each of the blocks, the top surfaces of the face brick pillars that run along the façade of each building, as well as the I-Beams supporting the roofs over the top-level walkways of each block.

These problem areas, along with a variety of ledges and drainpipes on and around these six buildings, offered the primary roosting and nesting opportunities to the birds in the vicinity, and required protection in order to prevent these birds from defacing and contaminating the buildings.

Mayfair Square

Our team of skilled installation technicians, therefore, installed our popular Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent to the top of the parapets, ledges and I-Beams of each block, and installed our Repel-A-Bird Stainless Steel Spike to the top of the pillars, drainpipes, and some of the ledges present.

Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent is an extremely aesthetically pleasing product, which we find to be highly effective in deterring pest bird activity with minimal impact upon the design and overall look of the building.

The Repel-A-Bird Stainless Steel Spike we installed was powder-coated a dark brown colour for those installed to the top of the pillars, and white for those installed to the drain pipes present, in order to ensure that they blend in acceptably with their surroundings, and do not deter from the aesthetics of the buildings.

Mayfair Square

The installation of our Wire Trip and Repel-A-Bird Spike products to these various surfaces has created a physical barrier to pest bird activity in these areas, which means that the presence of these products is now preventing the birds from physically being able to perch on these surfaces, which has prevented them from soiling the walls, windows, ledges and ground below with their disease-carrying droppings.

Mayfair Square is one of many buildings in the Century City area that we have successfully treated, with our harmless and guaranteed product offering.

Bird infestation and contamination is a serious problem that must be dealt with in order to protect a building’s occupants and visitors from potential diseases caused by pest birds and their droppings.

Another important benefit of the presence of a bird proofing solution, is that the life span of the paint and finishes on the building will be prolonged, and there will be a reduction in the frequency with which windows, walls, tiling, etc. will require cleaning. This, of course, greatly reduces maintenance costs for owners and building managers.

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