The All New Bird Barrier Range!

With gutters and roof cavities making for very attractive pest bird nesting and roosting opportunities, a robust deterrent is an absolute necessity. Well, we have the solution! – Introducing our new Bird Barrier range!

Our new range of Bird Barrier products is guaranteed to keep those pesky birds from clogging up your gutter with nesting materials and debris. With a variety of Mesh product options available, as well as a Bottle Brush shaped product present within the range, these Bird Barriers create … well, a barrier … to pest bird related materials.

The added bonus is that they will also keep leaves and other kinds of larger debris, normally associated with gutter blockage, from entering and settling in the gutter. This offers property owners a great saving when it comes to maintenance costs incurred due to the routine cleaning out of gutters.

Bird Barrier Range

Protect Your Gutters

The Bottle Brush Bird Barrier is simply placed inside the valley of the gutter, leaving no room for pest birds or debris, while not obstructing the flow of rain water through the gutter system.

The various Mesh products available within the range, offer the same kind of protection, but are instead placed over the top of the gutter, and are secured to the outer lip of the gutter.

Protect your Roof Space

Another well sheltered and favourite nesting spot for pest birds is the roof cavity of a building. The presence of pest birds in the roof cavity places the building’s tenants and visitors at risk of a bird mite infestation, while these troublesome birds make their home in the ceiling.

Bird Barrier Range

Granted, pest birds will require some sort of opening in order to obtain access to the roof space. But, believe it or not, smaller pest birds, such as Starlings and Sparrows, are able to squeeze through spaces as small as 30mm in size to gain entry into the roof cavity of a building.

Many of the standard roof tiles and roof sheeting used in construction today, provide ample opportunity for this, which is why one of the most common pest bird problems experienced during nesting season is that of pest birds nesting in the ceiling space of a building.

In such a case, the Bird Barrier Mesh range of products is installed over the gutter, as mentioned above, but is then also fixed to the roof tiles/sheeting on the opposite edge, in a manner that will close any roof tile/sheet openings present. Here the method of fixing the Bird Barrier Mesh product to the tile/sheet differs, dependent on the roof tile/sheet profile and material.

Bird Barrier Range

Our Bottle Brush Bird Barrier, on the other hand, would be inserted to the roof tile/sheet openings, in this instance, to provide a physical barrier to pest bird entry.

The Bird Barrier Range

The Bird Barrier range includes the following products:

  • Aluminium Mesh Bird Barrier
  • Galvanised Steel Expanded Mesh Bird Barrier
  • Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Bird Barrier
  • Galvanised Steel Woven Wire Mesh Bird Barrier
  • Stainless Steel Perforated Plate 304 Bird Barrier
  • Plastic Mesh Bird Barrier
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Mesh Bird Barrier
  • Bottle Brush Bird Barrier

All are available in different widths/sizes. For more information on our Bird Barrier range, please visit the products page of our website here:

Should you be experiencing any pest bird infestation and contamination problems at your premises, Bird Deterrent Specialists have the solution. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +27 21 797 7788 to arrange for a quotation.