New Developments: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

As the famous Benjamin Franklin so eloquently put it, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And, when it comes to bird proofing your building, we couldn’t agree more.

There is a great deal to be considered when designing a building. Architects and designers must take into account the fact that, irrespective of its resultant form, certain areas of the building will likely become attractive nesting or roosting spots for pest birds.

No matter the shape of the building, there is no possible way for architects to design a structure that does not incorporate any ledges or parapets, whatsoever. It is therefore necessary that these architects, in conjunction with their quantity surveyors, ensure that there is sufficient capital available within the project’s budget to facilitate effective bird proofing measures, in order to prevent problems in the future.


Unsightly Pest Bird Droppings on an Office Window

Some of the problems that a pest bird infestation could bring for those who eventually occupy the new building, are:

Health Risks: To tenants, staff, customers, and visitors

Damaged Paintwork: The acidic droppings of birds can literally eat away at the paint on buildings in a matter of weeks. This increases maintenance costs for the occupants.

Damaged Structure & Finishes: As an example, persistent pest birds will go as far as tearing thinner materials, such as isolation/sisalation, in order to secure a safe and warm nesting location.

Constant Mess: An accumulation of droppings gives off a pungent smell, and will have a negative affect on the aesthetics of any building

Noise Levels: Once a resident population of pest birds has established itself, tenants will experience an increase in noise levels during the day, especially during nesting season.

All of the above factors contribute to the tenants, staff, customers, and visitors associating a negative experience with the building while, at the same time, compromising the design that architects have spent many months developing and finalising.


Pest Bird Droppings Soiling the Facade of an Office Building

Pest birds are most often attracted to ledges, parapets, louvres, canopies, pergola’s, and the balconies of buildings. Parking garages are often a problem area too, as the entrance to a parking garage, more often than not, remains open, at least during the day. This offers pest birds ample opportunity to enter the sheltered space, and look for nesting opportunities. Retail and commercial buildings, where entrances also remain open during the day, are similarly affected.

Prevention of pest bird infestation on a new building, before they establish residence in or on the building, is therefore essential, and far less costly than dealing with an infestation problem further down the line.

Having been in the business of Bird Proofing for over 17 Years now, we have dealt with probably every conceivable bird infestation scenario. We have seen, first hand, the damage pest birds are capable of causing, and are experts in deterring pest birds from any building or structure.

If you are an architect or designer in the process of designing a building, or are part of the development team, please don’t hesitate to give Bird Deterrent Specialists a call, to look at how we can assist you in ensuring that your creation and investment remains pest bird free.

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