Pest Bird Pressure Levels

Pest Bird infestation can manifest in many forms and at different pressure levels.

The following is a guide to the levels of Pest Bird Pressure, and the appropriate action that should be taken to eliminate possible contamination.


At this level, the risk of contamination is relatively low, with Pest Birds visiting and exploring the area, resting for a short period of time before moving on to the next spot.

Areas experiencing Light Pest Bird Pressure generally don’t provide much in the way of food or shelter for Pest Birds, which prevents them from setting up permanent residence on site.

Using a combination of our products, Pest Birds present in these areas are fairly easily discouraged from returning. If left untreated, however, those experiencing Light Pest Bird Pressure could soon be facing Medium Pest Bird Pressure.


Where the level of Pest Bird Pressure is at Medium, you will likely find a reliable food source, as well as comfortable ledges, and possibly even some shelter, for perching on site.

As a result, Pest Birds will frequent the area on a regular basis, but will not be presented with the opportunity to nest or roost there permanently. The level of Pest Bird activity is therefore persistent, but not permanent.

Employing the best combination of our products, based upon a thorough analysis of the situation, Pest Birds will be prevented from perching in these areas. Medium Pest Bird Pressure will invariably lead to Heavy Pest Bird Pressure, if effective deterrent solutions are not installed.


Here, Pest Birds will have made themselves at home, having secured ample shelter from the elements, providing perfect roosting and nesting opportunities. Pest Birds have become accustomed to the environment here, and have settled for the long-term.

Where there is Heavy Pest Bird Pressure, there will be a permanent presence of Pest Birds in these areas, and the likelihood is that these Pest Birds, and their families, have been roosting and nesting in this area for many years.

In these cases, a more robust solution must be employed to effectively deter these Pest Birds from what has become their home. With careful analysis and calculation, our consultants will provide the best possible solution, again making use of a combination of our products, in order to evacuate existing Pest Bird life, as well as to deter any future Pest Bird activity.


If you’re experiencing Pest Bird infestation & contamination in any form, give Bird Deterrent Specialists at call. We have the best solution for your Pest Bird infestation problem, guaranteed.