Rainbow Chandling & Momentum Logistics Warehouses

The Bird Deterrent Specialists Team recently completed yet another successful installation at two neighbouring warehouses, namely that of Rainbow Chandling & Momentum Logistics.

Both warehouses were experiencing problems with pest birds accessing their respective warehouses through roller shutter doorways; left open during work hours for staff, vehicles, and lifting equipment to enter and exit; as well as through small openings in the skylights present within the ceiling of the warehouse.

Pest birds were thus roosting on the trusses below the roof structure, as well as on the ledges of the main central air vent in each warehouse, causing droppings to land on the warehouse floor.

Rainbow Chandling

In order to combat the problem, Bird Deterrent Specialists installed SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting to cover the openings in the skylights present within each warehouse, preventing pest birds from entering through these openings.

Rainbow Chandling 4

To prevent these pest birds from gaining any further access to the warehouses, but still allowing for staff, vehicles, and lifting equipment to enter and exit these warehouses as needed, Bird Deterrent Specialists designed, constructed and installed custom gates, covered with SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting to the roller shutter door openings. The SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting covering these gates allows for 97% natural lighting to enter the warehouse, and does not compromise ventilation within the warehouse in any way.

Rainbow Chandling 3

These gates feature a smaller pedestrian gate within a larger gate, in order to keep the opening and closing of the full gate to a minimum. If these gates remain closed, and are only opened when access is required, pest bird activity within the Rainbow Chandling and Momentum Logistics Warehouses will be a thing of the past.

Rainbow Chandling 2

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