Roggebaai Place

The Bird Deterrent Specialists team recently completed a bird proofing installation at the Roggebaai Place building situated in Foreshore, Cape Town, for Growthpoint Properties.

Of the many buildings in the City Centre currently experiencing pest bird infestation, the owners, tenants and managers of Roggebaai Place building, situated in the Foreshore section of the CBD, were dealing with a particularly heavy pigeon infestation, predominantly on the lower half of the building, and called on Bird Deterrent Specialists to design and implement a solution to their problem.

Roggebaai (7)

This thirteen floor building, was providing these pigeons with a fantastic vantage point and multiple sheltered perching and roosting opportunities in the form of various ledges on each elevation. These pigeons were also gaining access to the parking garage, via the entrances to the garage, and were roosting on the cable trays and ledges present inside, as well as on top of the roller shutter doors on the interior.

All of these opportunities to roost, and even possibly nest, on and in the building resulted in a large volume of bird droppings being left behind on all of the windows, walls, ledges, louvres, and cable trays present, as well as the ground below these surfaces. With such a vast amount of droppings present, building managers were forced to spend more money on cleaning, as it needed to take place more regularly. The accumulation of these droppings was also posing a health risk to the buildings’ tenants and passers-by.

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To prevent the birds from roosting on the various ledges on the exterior of the building, it was determined that our tried and tested Wire Trip stainless steel wire deterrent product would be the optimal solution to install to these ledges. In order to access these areas, to execute the installation, our accomplished team made use of their rope access skills to reach the various ledges present on the façade of the building, and install the Wire Trip stainless steel wire deterrent product.

Multiple strands of Wire Trip were installed, parallel to each other, from the outside edge of each ledge, inward. The purpose of which was to prevent the birds from perching or roosting on the other edge of these ledges, thus preventing them from soiling the windows, walls, louvres and ground below with their droppings.

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A combination of our SheerStop Net bird deterrent netting and Repel-A-Bird stainless steel bird spike was installed to protect the problem areas present in the parking garage and at the entrance of the building.

SheerStop Net was used to enclosed the space above the roller shutter door and cable trays in the parking garage, creating an aesthetically pleasing, physical barrier to pest bird activity.

The Repel-A-Bird Spike was used to protect the water pipes, pillars, and other exposed surfaces that had proven problematic. The Repel-A-Bird Spike, which is manufactured in 1m lengths, covers a width of approximately 150mm, protecting the surface it’s applied to from pest bird activity.

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With Bird Deterrent Specialists having seen to the bird proofing needs of Roggebaai Place, the owners, tenants and management can now enjoy a pest bird free working environment, reducing the risk of tenants and passers-by contracting any of a host diseases and eliminating the need to continuously clean-up after messy pest birds.

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