Warehouses: Protect Your Assets

Managers, Environmental Coordinators, and Health & Safety Officers in the Warehouse environs are tasked with overseeing not only the stock and machinery present in these Warehouses, but also the environment in which these are stored, as well as the safety of staff present in that environment.

Often companies working in a Warehouse setting, are storing either their own materials and goods, or those of their clients. Either way, the need to keep this stock from any potential damage is a priority.

When experiencing Pest Bird infestation and contamination in a Warehouse storing valuable goods, or housing expensive equipment, the risk of irreversible damage to goods and equipment is very high, not to mention the costs incurred for cleaning, replacement of goods, repairs to equipment, etc.

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Pest Birds often enter these premises through small openings in the roof structure, or via open doorways, allowing them to perch, roost and nest within the exposed roof trusses inside. This puts the goods and equipment on the floor below at risk. It is a situation we come across all too often, where companies constantly have to move and clean stock and equipment, due to Pest Bird droppings littering the Warehouse floor.

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Some of the risks of Pest Bird infestation and contamination in the Warehouse environment include:

  1. The risk of any of over 60 transmittable diseases from Pest Birds and their droppings potentially infecting employees.
  2. The increase in the risk of fire and potential suffocation due to Pest Birds building their nests in vents, chimneys, and other small openings.
  3. The risk of extremely corrosive Pest Bird droppings causing irreparable damage to property, equipment, and products.
  4. The risk of Pest Bird droppings causing a slipping hazard, compromising work place safety.
  5. The risk of Pest Bird droppings, present on packaging or products, reaching the customer and causing a potential health risk.
  6. The risk of Pest Birds creating or enlarging openings within the roof structure to gain easy access to the warm and dry interior, which could result in goods and equipment being exposed to the elements.
  7. The risk of potential noise pollution created by the presence of Pest Birds, resulting in an unpleasant working environment.

The good news is that all of this risk can be avoided. As the famous Desiderius Erasmus quote goes: “Prevention is better than cure.”

With over 16 Years of experience in deterring and eliminating Pest Bird infestation and contamination from Industrial, Commercial and Residential Buildings, Bird Deterrent Specialists are able to provide a tailored and guaranteed solution for your particular situation.

Does the potential exist for Pest Birds to damage your stock or equipment? Are you concerned about the health of your employees due to the possible presence of Pest Birds and their droppings? We can help. Call us today for a *FREE quotation on +27 21 797 7788 or [email protected]