Wire Trip Stainless Steel Wire Deterrent

In order to effectively combat a bird infestation problem, one needs to be armed with a diverse artillery of product options, given the variety of possible situations that one may be presented with. At Bird Deterrent Specialists, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive product range, coupled with an innovative approach, that affords us the ability to tackle almost any situation we are faced with.

One of the most widely used products in this artillery is that of Wire Trip stainless steel wire deterrent. This is a product that we have developed and refined over our many years in the industry, and is one that has proven highly successful in deterring pest bird activity.


Wire Trip can essentially be described as a very thin strands of stainless steel wire that are neatly run above the surface of the affected area at a height great enough to prevent common pest birds from being able to perch on the surface. Dependent on the area to be protected, anywhere from one wire to six wires (and sometimes more) are run parallel to each other to properly protect the affected area.

On the more technical side, Wire Trip can be defined as consisting of a series of very thin self-tensioning stainless steel monofilament strands, supported on stainless steel posts or brackets, which can be fixed to the surface by various means. Any holes made are properly sealed to prevent the ingress of water. Several of these strands can be run in rows parallel to each other, dependent upon the width of the surface to be treated. The tension is introduced by means of specially manufactured stainless steel springs in order to maintain elasticity and reduce the risk of breakage of the strand.


This solution is best applied to areas such as exposed trusses, I-beams, gutter edges, pergola beams, parapets, ledges, window sills and balustrades. In some cases, the stainless steel posts require some adaptation, dependent on the type of surface and situation present. For instance, should we be required to protect a stainless steel balustrade, we would make use of specially designed stainless steel clamps with a protective rubber inner, so as not to damage the balustrade, but still provide an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution.


With Wire Trip stainless steel wire deterrent installed to the affected areas, such as those mentioned above, it will prevent pest birds from roosting and nesting on these surfaces, and will further prevent the presence of their disease-carrying droppings both on these surfaces and the areas below them.

One of the primary benefits of installing Wire Trip to an effected area, is that it is an extremely neat and visually appealing product, in that it will not deter from the intended design aesthetics of the building when installed. Another benefit is that, due to the materials used to make Wire Trip stainless steel wire deterrent, this product is a maintenance free and corrosion resistant solution.

Add to this that Wire Trip stainless steel wire deterrent comes with a two-year guarantee, and you have the perfect solution for your bird infestation problem.


If you are struggling with pest bird activity at your residential, commercial or industrial building, give Bird Deterrent Specialists a call. We’ll conduct a thorough site inspection and provide you with a quote, *free of charge, to ensure that your environment is pest bird free.