V&A Waterfront – Clock Tower Building.

The Bird Deterrent Specialists Team recently completed an installation of SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting to various areas of the Clock Tower Building at the V&A Waterfront.

Management and Tenants of the Clock Tower Building had been experiencing a Seagull infestation of colossal proportions, which lead them to call the Bird Deterrent Specialists team for help.

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Upon assessment of the Clock Tower Building, our experts noted a great deal of Seagull activity on much of the roof area, as well as evidence of nesting in the more secluded and protected areas, such as behind the roof parapets, and within the various plant areas on the roof.

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Accompanying these nests, were large areas contaminated by Seagull droppings creating an awful odour which effected Tenants and Visitors to the Clock Tower Building. With an immense presence of droppings, such as this, comes a great deal of risk to the health of Tenants and Patrons. (For more information on the health risks of bird droppings and the diseases it could cause, please read our blog on Histoplasmosis here: https://bds.org.za/histoplasmosis-need-know/)

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It was decided that a systematic approach would be employed, by placing our initial focus on the nesting areas, as the shelter provided for nesting on the roof of the Clock Tower Building was the primary reason for the Seagull infestation.

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To safeguard against disturbing the Seagulls and their young, we first monitored their reproductive cycle in order to determine when there would be a suitable pause in reproduction, during which to conduct our installation. When it was determined that there were no nest or young present, we were able to proceed with our installation without causing any stress or harm to the Seagull population at the Clock Tower Building.

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With the use of SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting, we were able to enclose and protect the areas that the Seagulls had been using for nesting. SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting provides a safe & harmless barrier preventing pest birds from entering certain areas and, as a result, it was determined that this product would be the best solution for all of the nesting areas identified on the Clock Tower Building.

SheerStop Net Bird Deterrent Netting was used to cover openings in existing structures on the roof, as well as to cover structures designed and built by the Bird Deterrent Specialists team to protect areas housing plant and other apparatus. These expertly constructed structures included entry/exit gates, as well as zipper doors where needed, in order to provide easy access to all areas for maintenance purposes.

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Since the completion of our installation at the Clock Tower Building, there has been a massive reduction in Seagull activity on the roof, which has markedly improved the noise and sanitation levels of these areas, providing a healthier, happier environment for Tenants and Customers alike.

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